Extreme Adventure Tours in Cancun

Extreme Adventure Tours in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most wonderful destinations on earth, with perfect weather and a region filled with amazing man-made and natural beauties that are begging to be discovered. If you’re an enthusiast of extreme adventure tours on vacations, try swimming through some historic cenotes, soar through the Caribbean jungle on zip lines, or, above the Caribbean sea. If you’re looking for some top-notch adventures to do with friends and family, we’ve put up the ideal list of exhilarating activities that will not disappoint you.

Cancun Adventures That You Can’t-Miss

Cancun ATV tours

Cancun ATV. The surrounding Mayan rainforest in Cancun creates a perfect setting for a variety of breathtaking landscapes and a wide range of outdoor activities. Here, we offer the best tour that will allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of the jungle.

On our thrilling ATV zipline and cenote tour in Cancun, brace yourself for accelerating at maximum speed while riding through dirt, bumps, and dust. Then drive your ATV to an open cenote with a 15-meter stone fall, many leaping platforms, and zip lines before heading back to our office and going back to your hotel.

Cancun Adventures an unparalleled tour agency in the Riviera Maya that has been serving for more than 20 years invites you to immerse yourself in Mexican culture on a thrilling ATV trip through the jungle.

With the power of a Can-Am Outlander, a stylish 44 built to tackle the unforeseen twists, turns, bumps, and crevices of the jungle with great ease, they give an exhilarating ride on twisting roads and rugged paths. Additionally, you can partake in its many activities, such as scuba diving in a cenote or supervised rappelling where you’ll feel like a bird and admire all the lovely jungle scenery from above, to further improve your experience.

Extreme Adventure Cancun. A 15-minute drive from Cancun, in Puerto Morelos the eco-park called Extreme Adventure has been giving safe family entertainment since 2008. Enjoy their ATV, Zip Line, and Cenote tour. Glide through the trees, four-wheeling deep into the jungle, and swim in a freshwater Mayan cenote, as well as snorkel excursions to the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Parasailing in Cancun

Aquaworld Enjoy the safest and most pleasurable parasailing experience in Cancun with the help of their friendly, experienced crew, who are driven to make your parasail adventure the highlight of your Cancun vacations. Fly like a bird and take in the Caribbean Sea’s splendor that will make you feel so liberated.

Parasail Cancun. Discover top-notch parasailing right off the coast of the well-known Cancun beaches. Drive your boat at high speed at the Nichupté Lagoon while you take in the breathtaking vistas of Cancun.

Cancun Speed Boat

The Jetski brothers. In Cancun’s hotel district, you can rent a jet ski and travel into the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea before coming back to the sand. Along with friends, or while making some new ones, enjoy the excitement of one of the favorite water extreme sports as you speed along Cancun’s breathtaking blue coast in a powerful WaveRunner.

Jungle Tour Adventure Cancun. This provider of extreme adventure tours has been a popular provider of speed boats in Cancun since 2011. You can spend your day operating your own Speed Boat and acting as a sea captain while you’re with them. In the hotel district, the adventure begins on Kukulcan Boulevard 14.5 or at La Isla Shopping Mall. After receiving thorough yet concise operating lessons, you’ll be prepared to drive your own fast boat up to 20 kilometers.

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