Extreme Adventure Eco-park Cancun vs Cancun ATV

Extreme Adventure Eco-park vs CancunATV

Beaches, ocean, clear skies, and ancient cenotes. Cancun has plenty of stunning spots and trips where you can take in the area’s stunning natural beauty, but these Cancun tours in particular are the greatest option and will guarantee an outstanding experience. 

Our Top Adventure Cancun Tours

Cancun ATV. Come with us on a trip across the wilds of Cancun. Soar through the air on our 3 outstanding Ziplines and leap off from our 5 unique leaping platforms, while taking in the majesty of our breathtaking cenotes, especially, our natural prehistoric cenote that dates all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. And for the full jungle experience, ride a powerful ATV and drive at full speed through the Mayan jungle.

But, if the sea is what you’re looking for, you can also take a race boat tour on our wonderful guided cruise to Punta Nizuc, where you will travel up to 15 miles, or take a 45-minute snorkeling session on the bright reef of Punta Nizuc while swimming around a variety of species and vibrant coral. You don’t need to worry about having any kind of prior experience, on any of our tours, you can either swim with our expert guides that will provide you with the proper gear or enjoy the trip calmly on the boat getting a natural bright tan under the warm sun.

Extreme Adventure Eco-park. In Puerto Morelos, Mexico, on the “Ruta de Los Cenotes,” about 15 minutes from Cancun, the Extreme Adventure Eco-park visitors can experience the rush of traveling off-road on a 50-minute ATV ride, slide on a 700-meter zipline circuit, hanging bridges, and other thrilling activities while taking in the scenery of the rainforest. You can also go horseback riding and cool off at the end of the tour by diving into a natural freshwater Cenote, enjoying its Mayan wonders.

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