Top 5 Best Cenotes in Cancun Mexico that you can’t miss

Top 5 Best Cenotes in Cancun Mexico that you can't miss

Would you like to spend a nice moment inside the natural majesty of antique peninsular caverns? Don’t hesitate to visit these magical places which are considered the best cenotes in Cancun Mexico and its surroundings.

Atv and zipline cenotes in Cancun

KIN HA. Located in Puerto Morelos, at kilometer 19.5 of the “Cenotes Route”, Kin Ha, which translates from Mayan “sun and water”, is known for its beautiful formations inside its cave and the sunlight that highlights its crystal-clear blue waters up to 60 meters deep. One of the most beautiful cenotes. Although the access is a bit harsh due to the roads we offer an ATV and Zipline tour from any hotel in Cancun!

Blanca Flor. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush, you can also visit the Cenote Blanca Flor, which is about one mile away from Kin Ha. We also visit this one riding an ATV through the jungle. Once there, you can jump from 14-meter-high platforms and 4 jumping zip lines.

Three other Magnificent Cenotes near Cancun

Verde Lucero. Another exciting proposal is Verde Lucero, an open-air cenote where you can jump from a 3-meter-tall cliff and a somewhat higher, more impressive 7-meter-tall cliff.  Nearly 18.5 kilometers from Puerto Morelos, on the Main Highway Vallarta, is a place called Verde Lucero. There, you may find a path of stone steps leading to gorgeous, turquoise-colored crystal-clear waters just a few meters from the parking area.

 La Noria. If you want to unwind and stay in touch with nature Cenote La Noria is the ideal setting. Its water is known for being abundant and fresh; it is 47 meters wide and 18 meters deep, making it perfect for swimmers. People can take a break on a platform that floats in the heart of La Noria, surrounded by the local bats, in a completely natural setting.

Cenote Maravilla. With an approximate depth of 18 meters and a diameter of over 90 meters, Cenote Maravilla is located 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen, after heading north along the coast to Puerto Morelos and continuing about 15 km west, along the Route of the Cenotes. Despite being roofed, there is a significant aperture on top, where the sun’s rays enter.

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